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Kuredu Sunsets

Guests on our beautiful island come from all over the world, and the variety of activities on offer range from the more extreme, to the most chilled, above and below the water, at the pool or at the spa, by speedboat or catamaran. Personal preferences are noticeable during the day, but there is one time…


Sailing Kuredu

Sailing at Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives

Ocean Watersport captures the best moments from the past year, focusing on catamaran sailing off Kuredu Island Resort. From relaxing light winds to adrenalin-pumping winds, we made the most of the conditions, and are bringing you this video to take you down your Kuredu memory lane, or to leave you in a pleasant suspense of…


kiteboarding kuredu

Kiteboarding at Kuredu Resort & Spa, Maldives

It is always summer somewhere, and at Kuredu Resort, Maldives, it is always summer! This last week saw a good proportion of sideshore winds and all kiteboarders headed out to the lagoon for some fun and action. If you have been around Ocean Watersports on Kuredu’s main beach, you could see both guests and staff…



Extreme Sailing at Ocean Watersport Kuredu, Maldives

Caroline Long recently visited Kuredu Resort & Spa for honeymoon, and being a sailing enthusiast from the UK, wanted to experience trapeze sailing on our catamarans. The weather obliged and we were fortunate to enjoy some fun-filled days of sailing the clear blue waters of our beautiful atoll. We wish Caroline and Ollie a happy…



Kiting season on Kuredu: Wind hints at a comeback

After many weeks of calm conditions, the wind hints at making a comeback, and made a short yet fantastic appearance recently. This created a buzz of kiteboarding activity, as instructors and guests enjoyed the beautiful lagoon area in front of the Ocean Watersport center, providing many photo opportunities. Once again, the conditions showcased the amazing…