Take things easy…

We enjoy the more relaxed aspect of the ocean. Who needs to stress right? You are on holiday after all! Stand up paddleboarding offers an escape onto the ocean, that most people are able to master quickly and with very little effort. Imagine being alone on the ocean, the only sound being your paddle as it breaks the surface of the water, or the noise of the pod of dolphins coming up to breathe just in front of you…

Exceptional excursions…

Our speedboat excursions offer once in a lifetime opportunities for those visiting the Maldives.  We have a number of trips available, all of which offer something very special and very unique.

Experiences available:

  • Dolphin Safaris

  • Swim with Manta Rays

  • Reef snorkel safaris

Shoot the breeze…

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean means that the Maldives experiences wind for most of the year.  From gentle breezes to winds that would excite the most seasoned of water sport lovers, the team are able to help you to harness the power of the wind and learn to feel the wind beneath your feet.

Explore the lagoon

The shallow sandy lagoons around the Maldives are simply stunning.  Spectacular turquoise waters are home to an abundance of sea life that seek shelter and protection in the shallows. Turtles are one the main inhabitants of the lagoons, coming to feed on the sea-grass that grows in certain areas.

Ways to explore the lagoons:

  • Free canoe rentals

  • Pedaloes

  • Stand up paddleboarding

An awesome view …

An aerial view of the Maldives is something you will not forget in a hurry.  It’s spectacular.  The islands are laid out beneath you, the terrific turquoise lagoons, the deep blue of the drop offs and the array of reefs that make up the atolls can all be seen. The only noise is the slight rush of the wind whistling through the parachute.

Camera highly recommended!